2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD 7-Passenger Van

Upcoming Sienna minivan is going to offer many trim levels to boost the interest for it. With $15,000 price gap between entry-level and top of the class models, it surely is worth seeing what Limited edition is bringing. The most expensive version, packed with many extra features is 2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD 7-passenger van, and it will obviously be more thrilling than its siblings.

However, this version is going to share entire drive system. Engine, transmission, suspension, are the same. Also, fuel economy and outputs. But, interior and comfort are improved with the latest features and details. The Limited Premium Sienna is definitely going to offer something that other, which will make it special.

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD 7-Passenger Van Equipment

Some features that other trims have as optional are standard for 2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD. For example, Dual-View Blu-ray entertainment or Driver Easy Speak. However, this version is offering some things that you won’t find elsewhere. Improvements on comfort are coming with power third-row seats and second-row lounge seat. Push button start function is offered on this and XLE trim. Seats and steering wheel are wrapped with premium leather. While some other trims are coming with standard moonroof, 2018 Sienna Limited Premium offers dual moonroof.

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD moonroof


Outside, this trim has 18-inch wheels, while bigger is only in SE trim. HID headlights are available only on this model, and there are also fog lights shared with SE and XLE minivans. Safety is also on a higher level on Premium trim, with blind spot monitor, Anti-theft, and Safety Connect systems. The Limited Premium model gets special color schemes both for interior and exterior.

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD Performance

Under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD is the same engine as for other models in the lineup. It is a 3.6-l V-6 drivetrain as the only option. Nevertheless, this unit is powerful and reliable. It can deliver 300 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque. Transmission used as a router is an 8-speed automatic. The Limited Premium model for 2018 season can deliver 20/27 MPG, which is not too bad. However, AWD setup will help minivan gain better traction and balance. Handling is easier, as well as cornering. So, this all-wheel-drive minivan is going to be an excellent choice for city ride and urban traffic.

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD engine

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD Price

The 2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD is the most expensive vehicle in its family. Many features will improve overall impression, but it has a cost. All unique systems and equipment for the minivan are making it $15,000 more expensive than the base unit. Entry-level Sienna L costs $30,000, while Limited Premium edition for 2018 is going to cost at least $45,000. Nevertheless, it is not confirmed what kind of features will bring this time. It won’t be a surprise if vehicle adds more equipment, which will additionally raise the value.

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