2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona

It is really hard to pick up the best minivan in the market. However, few models are better than others. With better reliability, durability, quality, comfort, we can say that 2018 Honda Odyssey, 2018 Chrysler Pacifica and 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan are main competitors to our 2018 Toyota Sienna. Some while ago, this was the big 4 of the minivan segment, but the new vehicle is in the class.

It is 2018 Kia Sedona. Although it is still developing to keep pace with other models, the growth of this van is almost unbelievable. However, Kia copied good things from their rivals, added few more unique details, and here it is – on par with big four.

We will try to compare 2018 Toyota Sienna and 2018 KIA Sedona, but it is not an easy task. Two vehicles are very similar in many ways. You will find the same towing capacity in specs sheet, as well as dimensions. Only one inch is the difference is size. Also, the interior layout is similar, with three rows of seats and room for seven or eight passengers. The performance, safety, features list, and costs will be decisive for buyers.

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona Engines and Specs

The 2018 Toyota Sienna is the most powerful minivan in the class. So, it puts in pole position over rivals. Nevertheless, it is not so important if power is not supported by handling and controlling. Also, it can have costs in mileage. But, numbers will tell it all.

The 2018 Sienna is using a 3.5-l V-6 drivetrain. This unit is capable to deliver 300 hp and 265 pound-feet of torque. On the other hand, new 2018 KIA Sedona is producing 270 horses from its 3.3-l V-6. Both companies are using a 6-speed transmission which is quiet and smooth. Although more powerful, Sienna is returning better mileage than Sedona. For some 1 mile per gallon is not a big thing. But, details will make one minivan better than the other, so information like this is pretty valuable.

Another strength of the Toyota Sienna is its driving system. Smooth shifting, quiet engine, and superb handling are hard to match for all rivals. Neither do Kia Sedona can compete with it. All-wheel drive provides more balance and traction, as well as accuracy for steering.

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona Equipment

Comfort is guaranteed both for 2018 KIA Sedona and 2018 Toyota Sienna. Well, these minivans wouldn’t be among the best if it is not so. Also, standard infotainment system and features are excellent. So, once again, we must get into detailed analysis of both vehicles to see which one could be better.

Here, most drivers and experts are together in the opinion that Sedona is not good enough for Toyota’s minivan. Sienna has the better standard equipment. Also, extra packages offer a lot more features. The highlight of the new Kia Sedona is its 3-zone climate control, but this system is not available for the entry-level model.

Both minivans have in offer Bluetooth connection and a rearview camera as features on base versions. Also, there are touchscreen displays. Sienna has a larger one, a 6.1-inch, comparing to a 4.3-inch on Sedona. Finally, Toyota has Entune audio system as a standard equipment for its minivan.


So far, the impression is that 2018 KIA Sedona is not an equal competitor to 2018 Toyota Sienna. But, we are halfway in our analysis, and the situation is about to change. Now, we are on Kia’s ground. The safety is where Sedona is picking up the points against rivals.

This minivan earns a top safety pick from IIHS for front crash prevention. In this van, we will find a lot of high-strength steel. Also, the airbag system is ahead of its competition, and in combination with passive safety features, it makes the Sedona a top pick if you take safety as a priority. However, the Toyota Sienna is not bad in this area, but it is still behind its competitor.

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona Prices

We said the battle for the better minivan is not over, although it seemed 2018 Toyota Sienna has a huge advantage over 2018 KIA Sedona. The South Korean company is offering a more attractive price for its vehicle. The new model will keep the price around $27,000 for base units. It is at least $2,000 less than Sienna.

On the other hand, on top of the class versions, the difference is even larger. The Limited Premium Sienna costs $47,000. On the other hand, Kia Sedona is not going to have a model over $40,000. However, we already mentioned this is an advantage for Sienna since this difference comes from more features and equipment included in Premium van.

2018 Toyota Sienna vs 2018 KIA Sedona Conclusion

When we take all strength and weaknesses of both minivans, we can say that 2018 Toyota Sienna is a better choice than 2018 KIA Sedona. It is reliable and potent minivan with better fuel economy. After some time, it will make up the difference in price paid for a vehicle. KIA is definitely in an advantage with safety. Although it is important, we can’t say that overall impression is better, since Sedona is not a good performer as Sienna, and it doesn’t offer as many features and options as Toyota’s minivan.

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