2018 Toyota Sienna Hybrid, Changes – Full Review

Sienna is a quite old model, which suffered the last big redesign back in 2011. Nevertheless, current model introduced something new, that leads to further innovations and changes. First, of them, fans will see on the brand new 2018 Toyota Sienna. The release date of the minivan will show all they want to know. By then, we will try to gather as much information and details about the redesign, price, trim levels, and launch date of the 2018 Toyota Sienna.

The new minivan will probably come in hybrid variant at some point. This is going to boost overall specs of the model. However, the last edition raised these numbers from 266 to 296 horsepower. New Sienna could go over 300 ponies.

Besides that, changes are coming to trim levels and styling. New colors and trim levels on the way. Toyota will offer its minivan in Se, XLE, LE, and Sport variant. However, the question is if Limited Premium model is going to return in 2018.

2018 Toyota Sienna


When is the launch date of Toyota Sienna?

The 2018 Sienna will arrive very soon. According to spy shots, it is in final phases of development. Nevertheless, the release date is not official yet, although there are rumors reporting minivan is set to debut very soon. However, availability of the Sienna will slowly grow. First, the model will be launched for markets in the US and Canada. But, other parts of the world will see it soon after that.

2018 Toyota Sienna Changes and Features

Both exterior and interior of the minivan will suffer modifications. If we have to measure, definitely the cabin is getting a bigger refresh. That will include sportier parts for front fascia. Revisits on the grille and headlights are making the minivan more aggressive. This is exactly what this kind of vehicle needs. Now, the base model will be more like the top of the class SE version, which will on the other hand push limits.

Interior Features and Systems

Some significant upgrades are coming for the cabin. Toyota is paying a lot of attention to safety, so these features are under special treatment. To improve it, the Japanese carmaker is working on the new Toyota Safety Sense Plus. Many features are part of it, for incredible safety impression. On the infotainment end, Entune system gets the new update. Part of it is a navigation system. Modern days demands a 24-hour internet access. With 4G LTE Wi-Fi in a new minivan, there will be room for five connections at one time. Also, passengers on back seats have their own infotainment system with USB ports and streaming.

2018 Toyota Sienna interior


When to expect a redesign of Toyota Sienna?

All these changes are only refreshments for 2018 season. However, the major redesign will come probably in 2020 or shortly after. This minivan suffered big refreshment in 2011. Since then fans are seeing only minor modifications. Nevertheless, the latest moves by Toyota could be signals for a new generation. Also, significant changes should test if Sienna can lure enough interest from fans and buyers.

2018 Toyota Sienna Engine and Specs

After a big boost for the last year model, fans can expect even more powerful 2018 Toyota Sienna. A minivan can deliver around 300 horsepower with 265 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, it is not causing more fuel per mile. Contrary, minivan continues to be fuel-friendly with the output of 20/27 mpg in city and highway. This is for front-wheel drive models. Nevertheless, Sienna has an AWD setup which improves balance and traction. On the other hand, mileage drops to 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. Transmission is 8-speed automatic for the only engine available for 2018 Sienna, a 3.5-l V-6 unit.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The current plug-in lineup in Toyota doesn’t include Sienna. Nevertheless, Highlander and RAV4 crossovers already have this type of powertrain, and enthusiasts can expect to spread of this technology over other segments. The 2018 Sienna Hybrid could boost an interest for the class that is not popular at this time. However, with savings in fuel, its main function will become important again.

2018 Toyota Sienna Competition

The main competitor of the 2018 Sienna is going to be Honda Odyssey. As always, Japanese carmakers are making each other sleepless. Battle in all classes is causing frequent updates with new innovations. But, buyers are there on the winning end. Nevertheless, Sienna and Odyssey are pretty much similar vehicles. We can say these have an advantage over other rivals. Probably the biggest threat is new Chrysler Pacifica. Also, Dodge is showing signs of rising of its Grand Caravan. In future, another possible serious competitor could be Korean Kia Sedona.

How much does Toyota Sienna cost?

Upcoming 2018 Toyota Sienna is going to keep its base price under $30,000. However, the minivan is offering four more trim levels, and top of the range model is Limited Edition, with a cost of $47,000. However, it is always uncertain if these kinds of trims are returning. So, for sure, we will see LE and SE as mid-size vehicles. However, SE trim costs nearly as the top model’s XLE price. Finally, we mentioned Hybrid. This model will add around $3,000 on top of the base unit price. At least, this is the difference between other base models and its hybrid siblings in the same family.

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