2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The future of the Sienna minivan is not clear. However, Toyota is not giving up on its favorite model. As a leader in other segments, the company will do whatever is in its force to revive the interest for it. The 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is one of the moves.

With many other plug-in vehicles in the offer, Sienna is going to be the first minivan. The hybrid was announced in 2018, but the delay is possible. Nevertheless, even if it comes out next season, we will get an updated version for 2019. The company will keep its conventional engines. Plug-in is including electric batteries.

New Color for Plug-In Minivan

Toyota Sienna is well-known for its wide choice of features and equipment. Also, buyers will have plenty of paintjobs to choose from. When we combine interior and exterior schemes, we can get over 30 combinations. Whatsoever, the 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is a brand-new car. With all additions, designers will definitely introduce special color for it. Some elegant blue tone will match the plug-in soul and make this minivan recognizable in public.

2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid

2018 Toyota Sienna Hybrid – Plug-in Engine

The combination between a petrol engine and electric motor will make the minivan more economical. But, we will see what mix is in engineers’ plans for 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid. According to rumors, the same unit from the base vehicle is going to be installed under the hood of the new plug-in. The electric motor will help it gain extra horsepower.

The base model of Toyota Sienna minivan can produce 300 hp. With aid from batteries, it will raise for around 10 percent. With an output of 330 hp, 2019 Sienna will cement the first position in a segment. But, the Japanese carmaker could make a huge turnaround and use some other engine. For now, a 3.6-l V-6 is a favorite. But, with gossips about another powertrain, its supremacy is now not so secure.

2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid MPG rating

The revisit of a 3.6-l V-6 engine in 2018 will make it more fuel-friendly. But, Toyota is not stopping there. Its 23 mpg combined mileage is on par with the competition. With help from a 17 kW battery, 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid will get a strong boost. Experts believe that 35 mpg is a target. To test the combo, engineers will definitely speed up development to make initial 2018 model a hybrid. Then, they will easier fix all lags and weaknesses for 2019 season.

2019 Toyota Sienna hybrid system

2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Competition

When we talk about minivan hybrids, only one company has it on offer at this moment. It is Pacifica from Chrysler. This carmaker is ahead of its competition. While they are launching second and third edition of a plug-in vehicle, other companies are introducing their models. However, their move speeds up the rival manufacturers.

So, in 2018 and 2019 we will see plenty of plug-in minivans out in the streets. One of them is 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid. Surprisingly, Kia is becoming a big player in this segment. This is not by chance. The Sedona minivan will be probably the next hybrid, even before the debut of Sienna and Dodge Grand Caravan. Nevertheless, we mustn’t forget the Odyssey from Honda. The Japanese company is also in final phases of development of their first plug-in van.

2019 Toyota Sienna hybrid interior

2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Price

Estimations are that 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is going to cost around $35,000. It will be around $3,000 more than the base model. This is a reasonable price, since the other vehicles in other classes have hybrids with a higher price for the similar amount.

When Will the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Be Available?

Fans hope as soon as possible. Well, bosses in Toyota share their enthusiasm. On the other hand, it is not so easy to create a plug-in model. Also, when it arrives, 2019 Toyota Sienna Hybrid will definitely be the star of the lineup. Other models and trim levels will be in the second plan for a while. So, the plug-in minivan could be the first one we are going to see having a debut.


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