2019 Toyota Sienna Redesign or End of Production

It’s been a while since we saw the last significant redesign of the Toyota Sienna. This vehicle used to be a leader in the class. But, when you do almost nothing in seven or eight years, you fall in the pecking order. The competitors are better now in many segments, especially high-tech features and modern equipment. But, Sienna is still the most comfortable minivan with a lot of room for cargo.

Minivan days are almost over. This class will hardly win a battle against crossovers. SUVs are offering everything as vans but at much higher level. Also, these are better performers and they cost almost the same. The 2019 Toyota Sienna is sharing the same fate with other models. So, the right question for people in the company is shall they redesign this model, or end its production.

2019 Toyota Sienna

The Future of 2019 Toyota Sienna

Not only for 2019 Toyota Sienna but for entire minivans, future is uncertain. Popularity is dropping, interest is also in free-fall, and nowadays there are no as many buyers as before. Some companies already cut their vans. Nissan ended the production of its Quest. But, there are some positive signs from other carmakers.

Hybrid Minivan

Honda has redesigned its Odyssey, and they even plan to give this vehicle an AWD drive system. Chrysler Pacifica is going ahead of others. This company is trying to modernize its model in surprisingly way – by launching a hybrid drivetrain. Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Honda Odyssey will follow this trend, but Chrysler will be a step ahead. All these companies have in plans plug-in minivans for 2018 season. But, so far, we haven’t seen any.

A hybrid would raise the interest in 2019 Toyota Sienna, and definitely prolonged its end of production. The plug-in minivan is the part of redesign plan, where Sienna will get tech update of its infotainment system. But, all advantages of SUVs will remain, so Sienna could be a favorite only in its dying minivan segment.

2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots hybrid

2019 Toyota Sienna Ready For Fourth Generation

The redesign will definitely lead 2019 Toyota Sienna to a new generation. However, chiefs are still unsure about this. The major concern is the profitability of this model. There is no time for waiting and wasting, and that worries fans of Sienna. Without redesign and modernization, this minivan would lose a battle with competition, and it would mean the end of its era.

Possible Changes for New Minivan

The 2019 Toyota Sienna must offer something special to keep interest from fans. Minivan class is not so popular nowadays. Crossovers are closing the gap between two segments, but SUVs are keeping their advantages. So, innovations are key to survival. Also, besides functionality, Sienna must improve all other areas. At first place, there is visual appearance. New parts and colors are probably the sure bet. Besides it, the interior of the minivan will get the latest infotainment systems and features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would be a pleasant surprise. We can see these services on other Toyotas. So, why not to install them in 2019 Sienna minivan?

2019 Toyota Sienna Interior

2019 Toyota Sienna Redesign or End of Production Rumors

Good news for all fans is that the company is definitely closer to extend the stay of a minivan on the market. So, the fourth generation is coming with big changes to breath a new life to 2019 Toyota Sienna. On the other hand, this is surely the last chance for a minivan to make an impact and meet sales demands. It is not going to be easy, but leaked sources are reporting that chiefs in Toyota are ready to risk with a redesign of Sienna.


On the other hand, the biggest threat to this segment comes from crossovers. Big and powerful, these vehicles can do almost all the same as minivans. So, every company is developing more money into crossover departments. Whatsoever, advantages of vans are not so numerous, but they keep the segment alive. Huge storage area and fuel economy are making these vehicles interesting, and so it will be in future. Adding a hybrid drivetrain could be the big opportunity. Not only that 2019 Toyota Sienna goes this way, but also the other companies are making their plug-in minivans.

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