2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots

We are trying to make the most precise reviews of the upcoming minivan. The 2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots are already available, so the vehicle is not in doubt. However, what it brings is a secret, since it has a lot of covers on it. Nevertheless, we don’t expect significant changes. The company will just refresh the model for 2019.

But, hardcore fans want to know everything about its favorite van as soon as possible. One thing is sure for 2019 Toyota Sienna – it is coming as a Hybrid. But, the company will make few more updates for the minivan. Refreshed interior and minor cosmetic changes on the exterior are other details we are trying to find out.

2019 Toyota Sienna spy shots

2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots – Release Date

The 2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots are unveiling that something is happening with a minivan. Yes, updates are on the way, but the heavy cover is making us wonder what is under them. We will have to wait for some while to find out. The release date of the 2019 Sienna is set for the end of 2018. However, this minivan could hit the dealerships even in 2019. By the time of the premiere, we will look up for more info about it. The company is for now more turned to next edition and hybrid models. This will clearly make some advantage over the competition.

2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots hybrid

2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots Details

From what we could see from 2019 Toyota Sienna Spy Shots, the front of the vehicle is getting an update. We can’t spot many other changes. Designers are about to make the minivan more practical. In order to improve accessibility, sliding doors and cargo door will get updates. Interior will definitely suffer an update. New Entune infotainment system is coming for sure, as well as extra safety features.

2019 Toyota Sienna SE

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Trim Level Confirmed

We already mentioned some of the trim levels on the current vehicle. The base models are L and LE. Limited and XLE trim levels top the range. However, it seems like the most interesting van is 2019 Toyota Sienna SE. It might be because of larger 19-inch wheels. Also, this model will offer power liftgate that we cannot find for the base vehicle. The SE trim also has its upper variant. Premium van will add even more luxurious details, but its cost goes over $40,000. But, if you want Blue-Ray disc player or sporty instrument panel, then this vehicle is the right solution.

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