2019 Toyota Sienna Redesign, New Generation, Hybrid

Return of the minivans will bring modernization of the class. Selling record in this segment started to slow down, and it triggered the alarm for all companies. Different approaches lead to various design languages, engine options, and offer. After significant changes in 2018, we will see better and improved 2019 Toyota Sienna.

This minivan is one of the most attractive in the market. Only a few competitors can keep the pace with Toyota. Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Kia Sedona are vans with the same purpose, but with 2019 Sienna in development, we are sure they have nothing to offer against Toyota’s vehicle.

Changes for next season include visual and mechanical changes. Nothing radical is expected since big and bold appearance is certain. For true fans, the Japanese carmaker is preparing stylish details. As before, we will have many color options and trim levels.

Inside, it will be again a 7- or 8-passenger minivan. The vehicle is getting more features to improve overall comfort. Also, updates of the infotainment come at the end of the development process. Then, technicians are going to install the latest features.

Under the hood, Toyota Sienna keeps its old reliable 3.5-l V-6 powertrain. Nevertheless, engineers will tune it to be more economical. Current Sienna is one of the most powerful vehicles in its class, so no further improvements are needed there. However, few more ponies are always welcome.

2019 Toyota Sienna

2019 Toyota Sienna Modifications, Trim Levels

The redesign on the 2019 Toyota Sienna will be minor. Probably only a few details will be different comparing to the 2018 year model. But, modifications include better overall layout. The position of side mirrors, access to the cargo area, sliding doors… Everything can always be better. Well, designers love to refresh the front fascia as the most prominent part of the exterior styling. So, the new design of headlights and changes on the grille and bumper are certain.

Spy Shots

First images of new 2019 Toyota Sienna are available. Fans have spied their favorite minivan and shared photos. But, due to its heavy cover, we can’t spot any significant detail on the van. Nevertheless, we can conclude that overall dimensions are the same. Also, wheels are 17-inches as before.

2019 Toyota Sienna spy shot

2019 Toyota Sienna Specs, Mileage

The 2019 Toyota Sienna will use the same engine as its predecessors. From its 3.5-l unit minivan received a big boost for the last edition. For now, the V-6 will be capable to deliver the same amount of power, 300 hp, and torque, 265 lb-ft. Engineers will try to make an 8-speed gearbox work smoother and easier. All-wheel drive will be optional again, while front-wheel drive configurations are standard. Further improvements on the mileage will make Sienna more fuel-friendly. Maintaining current rating would keep it among the better solutions. Every mile atop of that is a bonus and leads to supremacy over rivals.

Plug-in Minivan

During 2018 we will see the premiere of a hybrid drivetrain for Sienna. Nevertheless, it will debut on the 2018 year model. So, it leaves time and space for engineers to make it better for 2019 Sienna. With Chrysler Pacifica already available as a plug-in, we can say that all other companies are late. It is more surprising that Toyota, as the leader in plug-in innovations, left other company to launch a minivan before they do. But, that could be a blessing in disguise and Toyota can only come out with the better drivetrain.

2019 Toyota Sienna hybrid

2019 Toyota Sienna Release Date

The 2019 Toyota Sienna is not coming anytime soon. First, we expect to see the premiere and debut of 2018 Sienna. We don’t have clear information if the company is going to present the hybrid variant with the standard unit. If it comes later, then it is a big possibility for the plug-in model to arrive for 2019 lineup. Furthermore, delays cause more changes in possible plans. Then, speed up of development of the 2019 Toyota Sienna should lead to the sooner premiere, with a highlight on a new drivetrain.


The main competitor of the 2019 Toyota Sienna will again be Honda Odyssey. These two minivans are the biggest rivals in the minivan market, although some other vehicles are better or worse. For example, Chrysler Pacifica set the standard with a hybrid engine. That made this van in huge advantage over the competition. While both Toyota and Honda are developing their own plug-in models, Pacifica heads into the second generation. Also, Dodge Grand Caravan has a wide base of fans. Finally, the fastest growing model is Kia Sedona. Although relatively new in the segment, Korean carmaker is making a strong progress. It became a major threat to all other minivans with its special 10-year warranty offers and award-winning safety system. However, it lacks almost in all other segments, where other vehicles, and Sienna with them, are favorites for buyers.


Finally, the price is usually the key factor in situations where buyers can’t choose the right model. The upcoming 2019 Toyota Sienna is not going to change the MSRP compared to its predecessor. Well, a hybrid variant will be slightly more expensive, but the situation is the same with Chrysler Pacifica. Whatsoever, the 2019 Sienna will cost initially around $32,000. The SE trim is very popular. it offers a great quality-to-price value since it brings a lot more for just about $5,000 more. Top of the class models will be Limited editions with price close to $50k.

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