2020 Sienna Finally Offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Sienna is not done yet. Last year we could hear speculations that the Japanese company plans to kill it after the 2019 season. But, this was not the truth and the new 2020 Sienna is already out. That is not all since spy photographers caught the new model for 2021 testing in the wilderness. Still, until this one comes to production, the company decided to update the version for the next season by boosting its infotainment. After the Apple CarPlay launched in 2018, the new models in Toyota’s lineup are getting the Android Auto as well. One of them is Sienna minivan.

Well, this is a small step towards the major upgrade coming in 2021. Then, the MPV will get the new generation of Enform infotainment system as well. The company will work on other upgrades to improve safety and comfort. However, by adding the Android Auto to the 2020 Sienna, Toyota is making the statement – the minivan is still in plans for the future.

2020 sienna android auto

Why We Waited for So Long?

Initially, Toyota was concerned about the safety of data. Now, when smartphones are a big part of our lives and these devices offers so many functions, it is hard to fend off these technologies. Also, a few years ago, it was really hard to imagine that exterior companies could make such parts for automotive giants. Toyota tried to develop its own systems, but the further fight would definitely make them lose some buyers who want the latest popular technologies and connectivity in their cars. Android Auto is offering the simplest pairing of the 2020 Sienna and the smartphone using Google’s system.

2020 sienna android auto interior

What You Get with 2020 Sienna Android Auto?

Everything is becoming simplified. That is where Google is the leader. With a few touches, you can access and store important date, play music, find locations, and many more. Toyota tried to develop their own systems, but Google and Apple are too powerful so no other company can match their offer. Also, owners of smartphones are already used to these two systems, so the new platforms are not having a bright future unless they offer something Android Auto or Apple CarPlay can’t do. And that is nearly impossible.

2020 Sienna and Few Other Toyotas are Getting Android Auto Next Season

In 2018 the Japanese company announced they will start using Apple CarPlay services. A few months ago, the same happened with Android Auto. For a while, we didn’t know which models are getting this feature. Now, Toyota is unveiling the strategy. Besides the 2020 Sienna, two trucks Tacoma and Tundra, and large SUVs Sequoia and 4Runner are part of the lineup offering the new services. Furthermore, Toyota Yaris in Europe and Avalon sedan are the other two models in this squad. Of course, there will be premium Lexus vehicles as well.

2020 sienna android auto price


Android Auto for the 2020 Sienna is not going to be available with the base models. The minivan is available in ten different trim levels. We believe that the LE will come with Android Auto as the optional feature, and the system will become standard with the SE or XLE model. Of course, the same trim levels of Sienna Hybrid MPV will offer this new feature.

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